Maui Retreat -2019 - SOLD OUT

Our Last Retreat Will Be Maui - 2020


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When selecting a weekday preference, please remember I am scheduling approximately "NINE" months in advance. If you would like to be added to my cancellation list, please comment in the space provided below.


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Get those readings scheduled. In the next two weeks the site will be undergoing some construction 🚛 while she guides others to healing in Mexico ✈️. We will be adding items to sell, a podcast page and a much requested blog page. Thank you for your continued support for what we represent 🚧. There will be another date posted before the site goes down.

Our Podcast is Live Right HERE

Welcome to the Avi Om Experience, weekly conversations discussing the soul, heart’s desire and dharma.  In a world of limitless possibilities, this human exploration is entangled with many types of life experiences, learning how to navigate versus resist them is what we love to unveil.

Join Avianna and Christopher, owners of Avi Om Studio, a meditation studio in Flushing, MI as they share their truths with each other and guests.

If you seek solutions, want to delve deeper into the soul or simply listen to some enlightening conversations, this podcast is for you!



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We are resting in our studio and waiting for you to join us. Check out our calendar and our events on Facebook or the upcoming podcast - Avi Om Experience.