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Past Life Regression - Sold Out -

  • Avi Om Studio 210 E Main Street 48433 United States (map)

Sold Out.


Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Do you believe in reincarnation? A past life regression takes you back through childhood, the womb and into a past life or past lives. An expanded state of consciousness is achieved through a deep state of hypnosis. In this state one becomes the objective observer and memories are retrieved from the subconscious mind where many feelings and deeper memories are stored.

The main value of a past life regression is to discover and resolve things from the past that are influencing you in some restrictive way today. Past life regression is an especially effective process for resolving fears and phobias, relationship problems, health concerns, old patterns and compulsive behavior. This group session is a great way to relax and begin to tap into your past safely. Avianna is a certified regressionist and trained under Dr. Brian Weiss and The Weiss Institute.