Avi Om Experience: Season 2.0// Eps. 2.08 - Just Call Me Pablo Moon with Fortnite Sneakers

This is Episode 208 of Season 2.0 of the Avi Om Experience podcast on living a life that matters through consciousness, love and awareness. Scale back to slow, still and silence and watch the world unfold right before you.

This week Avianna and I sit down and talk about various topics from Maui, to the Chakra Table, being boring and changing my name to Pablo Moon. This one made me laugh a few times. Thank you for your love and attention.

We are currently gearing up to create a special Avi Community that will help support the Avi Om Experience, while having exclusive access to some nuggets we record on the back end, such as awareness, creativity and the purpose. More details to follow in the coming episodes. Thank you for your support, time and energy. We love you.

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Correction - Fortnite Revenue for 2018 - 2.4 Billion Dollars - 😮

Runner UP - League of Legends 2018 - 1.4 Billion Dollars - 🤯

Movie Mention - There’s Something About Mary

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We are a meditation duo and spiritual creators living an intentional life through healing, stillness and Space. We have a meditation studio in Michigan and love creating podcasts, newsletters and workshops to help others remember their truth. Our work revolves around minimizing distractions and doing more of what matters through meditation and writing. We focus on doing this through the subjects of stillness, minimalism, habits, awareness, consciousness and creativity. 

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