Crystal Table therapy at Avi Om Studio. A one-of-a-kind, state-of-the-art chakra table for healing, awareness, clarity and peace. This therapy is a one of a kind and we have the first in Michigan → ANd now with certified ACUPUNCTURE Treatment

Electromagnetic energy exists within everything–from our bodies to the Earth itself.

Crystal Light Therapy helps the physical body achieve a harmonized balance with both the mind and the spirit, by easing the mind into a relaxed Theta state and energizing the spleen to clear and filter the blood, and to boost white blood cell production.

The body’s energy points are known as Chakras, highly sophisticated nodes that are able to absorb colors from both white light and natural sunlight. Each color on the spectrum corresponds to a different chakra and a different organ in the body. By enhancing the introduction of color to the body as with Therapeutic gem, color imbalanced can be corrected, providing the recipient with an immense sense of elation and wellbeing. Therapeutic gem uses colored light filters to transmit the color of the gemstones, emitting powerful, healing energy rays to the client.

Crystals and precious gemstones serve as nature’s storing agent for natural electromagnetic energy. Their differently colored rays determine the frequency of the energy emitted, positively affecting the body’s cells. Otherwise known as dielectcharic resonance, this stimulation of crystals using electromagnetic frequencies transfers energy from diseased or energetically imbalanced parts of the body back to the optimum distribution, to ensure that the healthy elements of the client are not being compromised, and therefore weakening the entire body.



Stephanie Butterfield

Wow! Honestly a super powerful, intense all in experience. The lighting and sound together give you every opportunity to seek what your body is craving. I was able to release toxicity and actually visualize the flow move from me. I can’t say enough about the entire experience and will most definitely be back for more. And of course the love and peace you get from the moment you walk in the door of Avi Om Studio — you can’t beat it.


Sandy Hickey

This was one of the most surreal experiences. The vibration through my body carries through even after the end of the session. I truly felt my solar plexus spinning. My core upper body felt like it was floating first, then my left leg, arms and then rest of my body was floating altogether. A trust sense of peace and connection with the Devine universe. I could also feel my heart beating all through my body even in my eye lids. Very hard to put into words all the sensations that occur, you truly have to experience it to understand.




Michelle Quick

I was looking to receive some clarity on something I have been struggling with and definitely saw what I have been avoiding. Very peaceful and relaxing. Out of body experience.


Electromagnetic energy exists within everything–from our bodies to the Earth itself–and so by pulsing energy at different frequency rates using crystals and colored filters, Therapeutic gem can return the body to a more healthy frequency, free from imbalance and disease. 

Therapeutic gem uses four ranged frequencies–Calming, Balancing, Energizing and Stimulating. 


Calming operates at 1.5 Hz. These are the slow Delta brain waves we experience during sleep, so pain cannot be felt when the brain operates at this level. 

Balancing operates at 3.3 Hz. These are the Theta brain waves we experience in a trance-like state and during dreams. Hypnosis induces the Theta states of consciousness, and using this frequency will bring about a profound state of relaxation. 

Energizing operates at 8.3 Hz. These are the Alpha brain waves associated with meditation and a relaxed state of consciousness. 

Stimulating operates at 16.5 Hz. These are the fast Beta waves that induce high brain activity. These frequencies are often recognized as brain wave frequencies, however, they travel through the entire body. By combining natural healing frequencies with color, light and gemstones, Therapeutic gem can effectively increase the health of the body’s cells, organs and glands. It does this at a level that is many times more powerful than using these methods in isolation, providing effective and rapid results.

Being open to receive the healing and energetic properties from the Crystal Healing Chakra Table

Many people have enjoyed the benefits and experience this therapy can provide. The most common experience for those who have spent 30 minutes lying under this color therapy table is profound relaxation, a sense of connecting to something bigger than ourselves and various other states of peace and calm. 

Others have felt a presence of a higher energy, and also a sensation around the chakra similar to a slight pressure. Overall this experience is highly relaxing. A cover goes over the eyes if desired and then the crystal table can be adjusted with the repetition and frequency of the crystal light. Which, incidentally are pure Vogel Cut crystals of which there are 28 in total - 4 crystals for each Chakra field.

Now Offering Acupuncture treatments with or without Crystal Light Therapy

Jeni Miller

Wow, that was incredible. I was instantly relaxed to point my arm was twitching upon closing my eyes I saw a cross in the distance which is my source. I felt like it. I was floating on my left side moving to right and then in my mid section. My hands were freezing cold . I felt pressure on my forehead. I felt i had something in my left but then it was gone. I was bummed when the music stopped. I can’t wait to do this again.