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Let's Connect

When selecting a weekday preference, please remember I am scheduling approximately "NINE" months in advance. If you would like to be added to my cancellation list, please comment in the space provided below.

Private Phone or E-mail Readings

$100.00 for 30 minutes

$175.00 for 60 minutes

I am booking 7 months in advance so please contact me as soon as possible with the form here for available dates.

Monthly Mentoring Packages

My passion is to teach and because my life has transformed drastically, I love to share with others how everyone can experience a path of awareness.

Whether it be personal growth, self confidence, increasing your intuition or overcoming fears, this package is for you!  Spirit has told me that by holding ourselves accountable we can make the transition much easier. 

We talk twice a month for approximately a 1/2 hour and I also give you weekly tasks that need to be completed prior to our next meeting.  By doing the exercises this will allow your transformation to begin as well as break past patterns not only from this lifetime but from others as well! 

If you are interested in the monthly mentoring, please submit a request for pricing and I will create a custom package for your specific needs. 

Special Events:

Holiday Parties 


Bachelorette & Bridal Showers

Grand Openings 

Anywhere there are people with open minds I will come!  

Pricing varies, please contact me for a quote and availability.

Numerology Reports

I will compose a report that denotes your Soul, Personality, Life Path and Attitude Numbers.  Numerology along with my intuition can answer questions:  What am I here to achieve, what will make me happy and what are some of my natural gifts?

Numerology Report is $125


I have learned that my life in this lifetime is not about me, it’s about helping others along this journey.  I love to share with others what Spirit guides me with so this is what my workshops are based on, experiencing and sharing!  If you have a group of people, minimum of 6, with open like minds, I will travel up to an hour to teach a class.  Intuition, Connecting with your Spirit Guides, Frequency of Words and Manifesting and Meditation are a few of the most saught after classes.  Please contact me for pricing and availability.