Day Dreams

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Avianna Castro

Wow!!  Its a been a whirlwind of experiences, dreams and connections…I simply am in awe!

Just returning from a wonderful week in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with a week full of readings, teachings and meditations, so grateful for so many souls being open to Spirit and Awareness.

This week I will be heading to New York to spend the weekend with Gabrielle Bernstein, learning more, craving more and BEING more with so many like minded souls.  So many ask me, “why do you take so many classes?”  My response is, “I crave learning!  This human experience is all about growth, becoming the grandest version of ourselves that we can be.  Surrounding ourselves with people that can take us higher.  My mission in life is to help and inspire as many people as possible and in order to do that, I must be a clear channel.  Energy changes every day just like technology.  If I am using a flip phone then I am missing out on so many options.”  

I am excited to also announce that I have also signed up for past life regression therapy with Dr. Brian Weiss.  This will be a week intensive in October where I will be certified to do regressions, something that has been on my bucket list for some time now…it is in the works!  So come October I will be offering past life therapy sessions in addition to my other work.

My Book Recommendations:

Buy The Universe Has Your Back.

Buy Many Lives Many Masters

Also hot off the press, we will be offering a retreat on Maui, beginning of 2018

We are working on dates and venue as we speak.  This has been a dream in the works, so grateful for this amazing opportunity!  Stay tuned for details and updates, you won’t want to miss this one!!!


Where Have I Been?

Christopher Lawrence

It has been a life of extremes. Internal tempetures swinging daily between doing and being. Thoughts and feelings followed by clarity and then confusion. Everything is a surreal shade of time that neither a Ram Dass lecture or a Rembrandt painting can capture and explain. 

I've been exploring my inner solar system which has lead me to a deeper contemplation. I've noticed something while exploring the Self, I've never taken notice of before.  I tend to look deep inside when I'm lost. Yes, it makes sense but I live inside my world a lot more then someone who is not aware a world even exists. Rarely do I take the time to look outside and being senstive to energy, the outisde effects me, big time.

I've missed many things when I don't look up or out. Its a bit embarrassing to admit as I'd like to believe my practice could have brought me such awareness long ago, I dont know why, I didn't.

Years of living from the outside in my first 30 years, then finding my way inside, the past 11 years and finally coming to terms to merge worlds into a mindful evolution of transformation. I've since arrived at theory as I typically do; there are several dimensions to the world we occupy. For now I will just carry the burden of two:

Dimension 1 - the most obvious level, the physical world with all its systems and structures, economic exchanges and social rules. Visible.

Dimension 2 - the deeper dimension, the place where we see each other for who we really are, we see what's really going on through awareness.  Invisible.

It's time, for me, to overlay both dimensions. So, I’ve  been using words sparingly increasing my silence and solitude in a language few know how to decode. It seems that what we want to do is show the world our intellegence, or lack thereof. We want to matter to the outside world which is why we all prey to it's psychological trickery.

I've been mindfully observing my feeling and thoughts as they arise to all that is surrounding me, the clutter, the people, and the drama. Noticing and become aware of it is how it can be changed. Greeting them, thanking them and then sending it off.

Now I find myself occuping the inner and outer and asking the question "What is next for my soul?" 

I've been trying to put some of it into words but I've recently uncovered that putting the ideas out, incomplete, is not helping. I think there's a secret way to decode the soul, a better way, to live life and create value and support the spiritual understanding of what it means to be alive. 

The idea that we have to work a wage slaves and fit our art and real selves in at the leftover edges is a terrible idea and an unnecessary one. If we are fearful to walk the edges of life then what is the point of occuping the world?

Trouble is, for a lot of people, we don't exactly know how Dimension 2 really works. We take guesses and then feel or speak about it, write about it as a step by step guide. I mean I've been a spiritual explorer, with awarness for 11 years and there is so much that I don't know about it. After all this time it's a mystery of massive proportions. 

I'd love to just spend my day writing, contemplating, reading, and creating an easy doorway to access the unknown. But somehow Dimension 1 is still there, it gets in my way and I can't escape it. Maybe at some point I will figure out how and share it with you. For now, though, I need Dimension 1 just as much as a fish needs water. 

The options before me look like this: 

1. Live from my viewpoint of Dimension 1, spend most of my waking hours working for someone else so I can make money, spend it on things I dont need to impress people I don't like. I can fit my exploration of the self with the left over energy levels I have and try to make a difference.

2. Take a big step forward and figure out how to live in Dimension 2 more of the time and build a new world which utilizes the invisible and visible in the same moment. So when you close your eyes the physical world appears and when you open it the invislbe world is right before you --- maybe all of the time? 

All the reasonable people will believe that I'm out of my mentals by subtractig my online presence to become more present with my inline presence. But the need to create, to write, is to know myself at the most intimate levels is becoming stronger. There is an unspeakeable urge I admit, I don't understand but I know I have to follow it. I don't need another like, post or share. I don't need happy face, comment or people commenting on the flaws of my view point.

The desire to give in, fully, to the realities of the uncertain, is capturing the feelings with intense truth. I've had a taste of it here and there, small pockets of exploration. It's amazing when you can love, not in the edges, not near the edges, not in ten minutes pockets here and there, not by staying up way too late or getting up way too early, but in a real, decent, solid set of hours that matter. 

So what do I do next? I don't know but thats where I am right now. A place I'm living as much as any place that is real and unreal. But now I'm finally getting better at it.

See Ya Next Month...

See Ya Next Month...