Spiritually Infused: 09

Don’t Quit Your Daydream

As most of you know, meditation is an integral part of my daily practice and has had such a huge impact on my life…one of the many reasons I have become a teacher and sharing it with as many people as possible.  I am happy to share that my guided meditation, “Release What No Longer Serves You” is now on my favorite meditation app Insight Timer.  

I am beyond thrilled to now share my love of meditation with the world.  It has been out just a week and has been downloaded over 6.8 thousand times, YAY!!!!  I invite you to download Insight Timer if you do not have it already and find me in the search.  After you listen, please leave a review.  I am also in the process of recording more and those will be available soon!

I have also signed a teaching contract with SWIHA (Southwest Institute of Healing Arts,)  and will now be teaching an online class on mindfulness!!!  Just over 5 years ago, I attended my first Celebrate Your Life Conference in Phoenix, AZ, it was a birthday gift from my amazing husband Christopher.   

That conference changed my life and in that moment of being surrounded by amazing spiritual teachers, I knew right then that teaching was my dharma. At that same conference, I learned about an amazing school that supported belief systems like mine, I was finally in a place where I was no longer alone. Little did I know that 5 years later I would be teaching at that same school. I am beyond blessed and grateful that this journey keeps unfolding! 

Meditation and mindfulness look absolutely pointless on the surface, and that’s because on the surface, they are.

The real magic of meditation happens on the inside. Meditation and mindfulness completely reprogram your mind. Both practices increase the blood flow to your brain, calm you down, and allow you to better handle stress.

They also make your brain younger by increasing your brain’s grey matter, and help your mind defragment its thoughts. They’ve even been shown to boost your clarity and intuition, not to mention you feel freaking awesome.

Soul Spotlight: Blayne Adams


I have the pleasure with working with so many different souls, some who have had difficult paths and others who have had it much easier.  When I met Blayne, she was different, I saw her passion and purpose being ignited and I am so blessed to be a witness of her continuous growth.



I have had a tough path here on earth.  Upon graduating high school I went on to Central Michigan University only to experience a lot of drugs and have my life spin out of control.

On the other hand, my father had re-entered my life and was battling his own addictions and married my mother.  My mom was disappointed after I had failed out of college and I moved back to saginaw just trying to survive and get by, when I met some people who dabbled in heroin and other pills.  It didn’t take long and I was soon hooked. Five years later I was prostituting and doing any means neccesary for my addiction. I hated myself, I saw no hope and I was spiraling downhill fast. 

I became pregnant with my son and finally decided to clean up my life.  My mother and I became closer after I got clean, she however kept a slight distance with herself because she had her own challenge with alcohol and relapsed on drugs a couple of times.  The unthinkable happened next, my mother passed away this past August and I became so sad, confused and uncertain on how to move forward.  

I was then, referred to Avianna by my moms friend.  Avianna opened up my eyes to so many things, my beliefs, awareness and attitude shifted.  She helped me realize that I have the power to do anything I want to with attention and intention, my life immediately changed.

Since then I have started coaching health and fitness and living my life much differently.  I have been accepted back into college as well as speaking at venues all over Michigan sharing my story. I want to be the best human I can be not only for myself but for my son. I was happy my mother got to know me as a clean and sober woman before she passed and I now feel her often as she shares this journey with me from another dimension.  

Avianna helped me to not feel guilty for my life thriving after her death, she helped me comprehend that she is my driving force and that she is with me at all times.






What if instead of asking ‘How much do we need to be happy?’ we ask, instead, ‘How little do we need to be happy?’ Human consciousness seems to hand down to us a timeless curse: 

You will not have enough.

This threat — the prospect of being in need — seems to induce us to constantly pursue more. No matter how much we possess, it is as if we are predisposed to stockpile more than we need. Even in abundance, we are wired for scarcity. 

This was my life. Now, I’m on the cusp of figuring out something extradorinary. What if instead of working harder to make more, I figure out how little I need?

How would I even go about determining the minimal amount of income I need to sustain a meaningful life? Instead of asking how much more income I need to be content, I can ask, "How little money do I need to be content? Do I need that? Or that? Can I Stretch what I have, to do what I want?"

My experiment leads to wondering how I can determine a figure or metric for the least amount of money I actually need to live the kind of life I want to live. Of course there is nothing wrong with money, it’s a tool like a hammer, pencil or a notebook. It’s how we decided to approach our happiness in relation to how much money we have that peaked my interest to explore this question. 

Suppose we abandon the construct of time as money or time paying you for what you provide in exchange for it. If all time is free, is the time we spend making money more than we actually need not a waste of our lives? If you are working your life away to pay for stuff is that what you really came here to expereince?

If indeed, all time is free time,  perhaps buying things with money must be carefully considered. 

  1. Can you go a month without purchasing something?
  2. Do you have a budget?
  3. What if you woke up tommorow without a job, would you be okay financially?

I’m going to be exploring the ideas above in depth and sharing my discoveries with you next month. Stay tuned and thank you for your time and attention. Below is a great book for those interested in becoming aware of how to create abundance. 

This book is an Epub file for iPads or Nooks. Just add the book to your iCloud account and open the file using iBooks. For Nooks you can email it to yourself. There are just a few copies available to download for free.  

This book is an Epub file for iPads or Nooks. Just add the book to your iCloud account and open the file using iBooks. For Nooks you can email it to yourself. There are just a few copies available to download for free.