Avi Om Studio was created out of our desire to share our love for silence, simplicity, spirituality and above all Stillness. We are a studio dedicated to bringing consciousness to the commUNITY. Avi Om Studio is Complete Well Being. Not partial, not part time, not I have something to do so we will close at 2pm well being. Complete Well Being means that our doors are open to the community everyday. Healing takes place on four levels and we will cover them here:

  1. Spiritual Body

  2. Intellectual Body

  3. Emotional Body

  4. Physical Body

There are many practices that we will offer here from classes, workshops to special events. In addition meditation, journaling and mindful awareness techniques are just a few simple options we will offer that can make a huge impact on your life.

Spiritual entrepreneurs and certified teachers are our focus in order to provide an optimal experience for you. The key to healing is to slow down and be Still. Even taking five minutes can change your entire day. Using a simple question for self inquiry is also an effective way to help bring an alignment to your mind and heart.


“What makes me happy?”

We will guide you into your truth.

We have created a studio for you. Just come in and sit in the stillness, read a book from our library, write or meditate in our room. Small moments like this, over time, can have a huge impact in creating space in your mind and heart, allowing you to be joyful and inspired.

Avi Om Studio is our home. It’s bringing consciousness to the commUNITY.
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210 E. Main Street, Flushing Michigan

Welcome Home.